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Our Policies

Your Access to Your medical Records

Your Doctor may explain the contents of the medical record to the patient, or in the case of a minor, the parent/legal guardian. They may also provide a copy of the requested information to them.

Your request to access your medical records is dealt with in accordance of the current privacy legislation (Commonwealth –Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 from 21.12.01 or State—Health Records Act 2002 from 1.7.02). 

Requests for Transfer of medical records 

In order for your medical records to be transferred to another practice there must first be a written request from your new GP, along with your signed consent. This must be provided to us before any information can be transferred.
The original records are not released and a copy of the requesting letter is kept on file in the patient record. We will first send a patient summary. If a full patient history is required there will be a $22 administrative fee and the history will be sent as a PDF file on a disk. If a paper copy is required an additional 22c per page will be charged. 

If a new patient is requesting their medical records from a previous doctor ask our reception or your doctor and request form can be completed and sent out accordingly. 


Zero Tolerance Policy 

Our clinic has a Zero tolerance policy for threats or abusive behavior. We take seriously any threatening or abusive behavior to our doctors, staff or others. It will result in a refusal to provide further medical services. Police will  be called if there are any threats of physical violence. 

Unacceptable Behavior

In accordance with our Zero Tolerance Policy, unacceptable behaviour includes threats, abusive behavior or physical violence. We take this seriously and it may result in a refusal to provide further medical services or police involvement.

More Information

For a detailed version of our clinic's Privacy Policy please click the "privacy policy" button. 

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