Test Reults

Patients will be asked to ring between 10.am and 4.00pm and check their test results. Patients will be contacted if they are needed to make an appointment for a follow-up appointment with regard to their test results. Results can only be given to the patient concerned, due to medical confidentiality.

Repeat Prescriptions

Most prescriptions provide sufficient medication to last until your condition needs to be reviewed by your doctor. With few exceptions, prescriptions are not routinely written without consultation to determine the appropriate medications at the time.


Patients are to be seen for referrals, preferably prior to the appointment with their specialist.

Recall System


This surgery offers a recall system for Pap Smears and Immunizations. You will be offered the choice of being enrolled on the pap smear register at the time of your consultation. The Australian Immunization register keeps a record of all vaccinations given, and will generate a reminder notice for us when vaccinations are overdue. We will then contact you


Medical Certificates

To provide a certificate, a doctor must see the patient for the condition listed on the certificate as it is an offence to do otherwise.

Home Visits & Telephone Access

Home Visits are available for regular patient whose condition prevents them from attending the practice. Doctors in the practice may be contacted during normal surgery hours. If the doctor is with a patient a message will be taken and you will be advised by the receptionist when it is likely that the doctor will return your call. Your call will always be put through to our nurse or a doctor in an emergency. Nursing home visits can be arranged through the receptionist also.

Disable Facilities

There are ramps suitable for wheel chair access at the side entrance to the surgery. Should you have any special needs, please discuss them with the receptionist or your doctor. Toilet facilities with wheel chair access are provided. Disabled parking is also available at the front of the surgery.

After Hours

 doctor is on call whenever the clinic is closed, and if urgent medical attention is required after hours during the week or on weekends please phone the "on call" doctor on (03) 56542753


Please ring 03 5655 1355 for an appointment time. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time. Emergencies will always be given priority and our reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any unforeseen delay or your doctor is called away. Longer consultation times are available; please advise the receptionist if a longer appointment is required. Pap Smears, Insurance medicals, Commercial driving Licence, minor operations etc all require more time. Please advise us as soon as possible if you can not keep your appointment.

Change of Address

Patients are asked to please advise receptionist of changes of address and phone numbers. If we need to contact patients it is necessary to have correct contact numbers.

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